jaxon and meThe past couple of months since Jaxon was born has been extremely hectic. Regina and I have been doing everything we can to keep things together while she has been at the hospital every single day, and many nights, helping to nurse Jaxon to the point where he can come home. The great news is that he did come home last Monday! We haven’t had him here for a week yet, and already life has changed. Sleep is now a luxury and can’t be seen as a requirement. Baby has to eat. My job continues on. I think it’s going well, and I’m excited for the future here as we make this company kick up. I wonder how I will feel looking back on these posts in a few years though.


Oceanis 43

Sailing has still been on both our minds, even through all the work we’ve had with Jaxon and my job. I found myself looking at boats yesterday and really think I might be swaying off the thought of a catamaran for a “regular” boat. The reasons are fairly simple: Money. We really don’t want to be in debt to go sailing. The boat needs to be paid for, and while I know there are lots of options if we put $600k down now for a cat through Moorings and had the charters pay it off, I don’t think that is something we can commit too. Regina and I agreed the other day that we fit a boat to our budget, so that is what we are doing.

Yesterday I came across the Oceanis 43. As a dreamer, I really like this boat. It has plenty of configurations and it is beautiful inside and out. The price is reasonable, and it’s a sloop – which based on what I’ve been reading, is really easy to sail. I’m probably going to use this blog as a scratch pad for some other boats too. Pictures and notes. It will be good to look at when we are seriously shopping in a few years. Found the Hunter 460 this morning as an example. Similar configuration and pricing to the Beneteau.

Hunter 460