mickshunterYesterday morning I woke up and my neighbor had just texted me asking if I wanted to go sailing. I said “Yes!” Jordan and I crammed down some food and we went out on his boat, Carina, an 88(?) Hunter. First time out on the water was a little tame at the beginning, but that gave me a chance to ask some questions and get some first hand experience working the lines and learning how to tack. We finally got some great wind and as the boat leaned in and I could feel the feedback on the rudder and the sound of the waves and nothing more, I knew I was hooked. This is something I need to do allot more of. I was also happily impressed that I didn’t find it that complicated. I think a few hours of guidance and some more experience in higher wind,  will give me quite a bit of confidence for sailing Lake Travis. Jordan also had a great time; I only wish I’d taken a few pictures. I was just soaking in so much and I’m glad I didn’t have my phone in the cockpit. We spilled more than a couple beers, but totally worth it! Can’t wait to go again!