hardin45I hate that I’m not diligent about documenting our journey, but the truth is that life has been tough lately. My job continues to increase in demands, and stress is getting to me. I think part of the reason I’m so driven for this goal of leaving it all is because of my work. Regina and I have never been more committed to getting on a boat as soon as possible.

Jaxon is the cutest little bundle of joy we could have ever expected. He is growing well and eating solid food now. As much as I love him at this size, I can’t wait for him to get bigger. We already see his independence and stubborn attitude. He is going to be just like mom and dad!

Jordan went to live with his mother over Christmas break. It was a mutual decision between the four of us that he needed a different program – regime – whatever. He just wasn’t doing well at school, and this year is critical. I’ve ran out of ways to help him, so I think this is the best chance he has. I think he is happy – and our stress is down.

Sailing! I’ve gone a few more times with our neighbor on his boat. He let’s me do all the work – which I’m happy to do. Learning every time I go out. Regina still needs to go. Since we started this adventure last year (Happy new year!) she has been either pregnant or occupied with Jaxon.

We’ve decided to buy some more property in Jacksonville. Since we already own a condo there, it just makes sense to keep everything localized. The market is good right now – and we believe this is the best way to get some passive income to keep the cruising kitty fueled once we pull the trigger.

I’ve also really started to fall in love with monos as opposed to cats. Having never sailed a cat, maybe I just don’t see the problem with a good mono. I’m also increasingly convinced that a mono is the best choice if we do anything outside of the Caribbean. However, there are clear advantages to having a cat in the Caribbean. Namely the access. You can get right up on a beach with a cat – even all the way on it during low tide! With a mono, you’ll be out a ways and have to take your dinghy or swim to get to shore – and that can be quite a ways away. Regina and I both don’t want to sail the Caribbean exclusively though – and a mono seems the best of both worlds if we can get the space to be comfortable living.

I’m also a little concerned with the safety in big water. Cats seem to be coastal cruisers much more than blue water boats, and lots of things I’ve read indicate complications in weather that monos just don’t worry about. Sure, seas get rough once in a while and there will be an element of danger with any platform, but I think there is something to be said for a boat that isn’t going to go somersaulting because it got going too fast down a wave.

It’s also the price. We want to be free, and that means we need to be able to do what we want without being tied down to big payments that make us come home sooner. We’re going for cash, and most cats are out of our cash price range.

Finally – I don’t think cruising cats are sexy. They don’t get me going when I look at their lines. I think it’s a blondes vs. brunettes thing. I feel something when I look at a beautiful mono that I don’t when I look at most catamarans. Oh well, everybody has their own taste right?

…I think I fell in love with the Hardin 45 this morning – but I’ll have another mistress soon I’m sure.